There is currently a new page that supports an unlimited number of practice problems for four common gas laws:  Boyle's Law, Charles' Law of Volumes, the Gay-Lussac Law (which is more commonly known as Amontons' Law of Pressure-Temperature) and Avogadro's Law.  An entire website here at FranzScience is dedicated to lessons and practice in science, particularly chemistry.  The website is, and it currently has the laws mentioned above as well as unlimited practice in two stoichiometry categories.

More laws are planned.  First will be the Combined Gas Law, Dalton's law of partial pressures, and finally the Ideal Gas Law, PV=nRT.  All of the laws in the gas law section have both a brief description of the law (and who it is named after, if applicable) and examples of its use, and most notably a page that allows students to try an unlimited number of automatically graded practice problems.

In the stoichiometry section there are 70 different balanced equations.  The numbers for grams-to-grams calculations and limiting reactant calculations are generated randomly, so there are virtually an unlimited number of combinations.

In the gas law sections, the individual laws available so far only support one set of units.  Pressure is in atmospheres, volume in liters, and temperature in Kelvin.  Future versions will support multiple units and require the student to occasionally convert, as would occur in real problems on worksheets, quizzes or exams.

Stay tuned to see as new laws are added.  After this unit is over, we will move on to Unit 12 - Solutions and Solubility.

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