Stoichiometry on Teachers-Pay-Teachers

I finally got one of my canvas and moodle files posted for sale on Teachers-Pay-Teachers.

I've been meaning to do it for 2 years, ever since I started writing those monsterously sized question banks.  I just never got around to cleaning them up good enough for showing to the public.

I took 12 quesion banks for Stoichiometry (moles-to-grams, grams- to-moles, and grams-to-grams) and put them in both Moodle and Canvas.  They look the same in both.  I even put examples into my moodlecloud demo site,, with a "demouser" login so that people can check them out.

What I haven't done is clean up my amazing Drag-and-Drop virtual card sort for stoichiometry and for dimensional analysis.  It really annoys me that something so useful would be part of the core functionality in Moodle, but isn't even being considered yet in Canvas.

Oh, well....

I need to get onto some of those other question banks I've been meaning to list.  With all the downtime because of this coronavirus thing, I could have gotten a lot done.  Instead I blew it - wasted almost 3-weeks!  Now spending my time writing online curriculum so that we can do distance learning in my shool district.  So much potential....just.....lost.  Next time.


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