Drag & Drop Problems

I've been developing in Canvas for a couple of years now, resorting to good-old php and html sites when I need something Canvas can't do.  After spending a extraordinary amount of time trying to learn more HTML5 so that I could create drag-and-drop question type, I found that there are three versions of that question type now a part of the Moodle core.  I experimented around, found that I could make exactly what I wanted, created it, and published it as an LTI tool.  Then it turns out that Canvas needs to connect to Moodle through SSL.  I buy a certificate, and then find out that of all of Moodle's question types, the Drag-and-drop does not work as an LTI.

What the heck.  Is there no way to get a drag-and-drop question in Canvas??

Here's why this is important.  A drag-and-drop question can be used as a learning tool.  I am trying to teach stoichiometry, and I really want to do a card sort to teach the dimensional analysis.  I could lay out a grid (some people call them train tracks) on a desk, and then have cards with numbers and units for the Given, Molar Masses, Mole Ratio, etc.

Then it hits me - drag and drop is exactly what I'm doing with a placemat-sized grid an a zillion note cards.

If only Canvas would support Drag and Drop question types, or Moodle's LTI worked well with Canvas.  I'll take either.


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